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Save time and money on site.  The best garages and sheds that guarantees you get the highest quality and strongest sheds for sale in the market.

Design Flexibility

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Imagine not having to compromise and getting the exact design you wanted but without the extra price tag attached.



Custom Sheds


PSF provide Standard plan Custom Sheds and Garages, that finally allow you to embark on a journey where no other Shed Company can take you.

From Garden Sheds, Shed Kits, Modern Sheds, Farm Sheds to Industrial Sheds - the options are endless. 


Unlock the potential of your outdoor space with a premium quality storage solution designed to cater to your every need. Crafted for durability and styled with modern aesthetics, this shed isn't just a storage space; it's an upgrade to your lifestyle.



Flexible designs and the ability to customise your Residential Garage, all at an affordable price. Get an easy to build stud frame or a heavy duty welded portal frame. Precision Steel Framing has residential garages that are the easiest to build in the shed industry. We can also do buildings with overhangs and sheds set up to have an eaves.

Single Garages, Double Garages, Triple Garages, Custom Garages, Skillion Roof Garages, Gable Roof Garages, Backyard & Garden Sheds, Colorbond Sheds, Custom Garages and DIY Garages available



Precision Steel Framing are experts when it comes to Heritage and Weatherboard sheds. Our unique steel stud frame solutions makes it simple to change the roof pitch to suit your councils requirements for sheds with steep roofs, add horizontal metal weatherboards and large roller doors on the ends. We can also do steel buildings with overhangs and set up to have an eaves.

Skillion Roof Heritage, Gable Roof Heritage, Hip Roof Heritage, Dutch Gable Heritage, Custom Heritage and DIY Heritage Sheds available.



Get the added strength of our Welded Portal frame Rural & Farm buildings – all come with the heavy duty welded base plates, welded knee and welded apex joints. The heavy duty durable welded connections makes your building stronger and easier to build, up to 12mm thick plates for some designs.

Open Front Farm, Open End Farm, Machinery & Agricultural, Hay, Dairy and Farm Storage Sheds available.



Customise the width, length, height and even the roof pitch to make the perfect Industrial building that suits you. You can position doors and windows exactly where you need them. Built with heavy duty Welded Connections – Australian made and Engineered to withstand our toughest weather conditions.

Industrial, Big, Cyclone Rated and Commercial Sheds



We have standard carports but also offer carports that are different and more attractive than just a standard carport. Add resale and sale appeal to your home by getting a carport that looks amazing !

Single, Double, Triple, Custom, Skillion Roofs, Gable Roofs and DIY Carports available

Shed Houses

Introducing the PSF Supa-Structure, where innovation meets affordability. We understand that building a class 1a Shed House comes with its own set of challenges: staying within budget, meeting the strict Australian building codes, and ensuring energy efficiency. With our advanced steel framing solutions, those concerns become a thing of the past. Not only do we offer strength and style, but we ensure that your shed house is compliant, energy-efficient, and wallet-friendly. Forget the sleepless nights spent worrying about code compliance and skyrocketing costs. Dive into a building experience that's as seamless as it is satisfying. Together, let’s craft homes for the future.

Shed House

Shed Talk: Beyond Just Storage, It’s a Lifestyle Upgrade

Sheds for Farms

Sheds for Farms

Sheds for Farms Introduction Sheds play a pivotal role on farms, serving not just as storage spaces but as crucial infrastructure for protecting equipment, housing livestock, and sometimes acting as a workspace for various agricultural activities. For Australian...

Shed House Designs

Shed House Designs

Unlock the endless possibilities of modern living with shed houses—a blend of stylish architecture and optimal functionality. From energy-efficient designs to limitless customization, shed houses are reshaping the way we think about residential spaces. Read on to discover why these simple yet versatile structures are capturing the hearts of homeowners nationwide, and find out how our expert services can help you design the shed house of your dreams.

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