From small residential homes to skyscrapers, structural steel has been the material of choice for many architects and contractors. Steel is known for its amazing benefits and versatility. Over the years, it has been included in a lot of construction projects, from garden sheds and carports to complete roofing systems and farm sheds. Considering the strength of integrity, ease of maintenance, and freedom of design, structural steel has been a smart choice over wood or concrete.

Here are some benefits that make structural steel a more reliable option for full-throttle metal building projects to hybrid construction jobs, just keep in mind that when working with metal structures, you’ll need to find plasma coating companies that offer metal coating services. This will provide resistance to damage.

Faster Build Time

In every business, construction included, time is money. Most clients want their projects to be completed on schedule (or better ahead of time). However, taking shortcuts in construction projects may lead to unsafe building practices and can be potentially hazardous in the long run. 

Structural steel is the best option for those who do not want to blow up their budget and exceed deadlines. When you order structural steel materials for your structure, a prefabricated design will often be ready for shipping. You can then simply erect the structure on-site, removing any risks of human error. The steel will already be following respective code dimensions and standards, so there is no need to worry about building regulations and quality.

Lower Cost

The decreased construction time from using structural steel materials will offer a lot of savings. Labour and overhead costs from construction are not the only savings you will have when you use structural steel. In the long-run, you will have more cost benefits—upfront and lifetime savings.

Structural steel is durable and requires less maintenance. Steel has superior strength and does not decay or age quickly than any other construction material, like wood. Likewise, maintenance fees, replacements, and repairs are incredibly minimal. 

With tensile strength (ability to endure stress from tension) and a higher strength-to-weight ratio, structural steel makes a lighter building that only requires a smaller and affordable foundation.

Steel is also a recyclable material. Most companies pay hefty landfill fees for non-recyclable construction materials and building components. If you use steel, your company will have one thing less to worry about. Due to the public and environmentalists’ popular demand for decreasing unnecessary construction wastes, there are now removal companies that have subsidized programs, wherein they will collect steel and other building wastes at no extra charge.

Moreover, due to structural steel’s durability and unrivalled ability to withstand heavy snow loads, seismic activities, fire, and strong high winds, plus their susceptibility against decay and pests, most insurance companies lower their premiums on policies underwritten for metal buildings.

Steel is Eco-Friendly

Since steel is a completely recycled construction material, every steel frame is recyclable, making it an environment-friendly material. Steel has been the most recycled product, with about 80 million tons being recycled every year. 

Since the ‘90s, the steel industry has decreased energy intensity by 28 percent per ton of steel manufactured and carbon dioxide emissions by 35 percent per ton shipped. Using high-quality prefabricated structural steel parts, you can have a comfortable and air-tight steel frame that ensures a completely sealed structure. The structural steel frame is the way to go if you want an eco-friendly construction project.

There are still many benefits structural steel offers. Just like any other construction materials, structural steel will also have its drawbacks, but the benefits far outweigh these flaws.

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