When it comes to outdoor steel, there are a few hard and fast rules. The first one is that the material should be durable. Australia is known for its weather extremes. In the desert regions of the country, the summertime heat regularly climbs to 40°C, while some areas in the southeast can reach below freezing temperatures.

Highs have been known to reach above 53°C, and temperature in some inland locations are known to drop to -14.5 °C. Because of this, Australian homeowners have housekeeping cut out for them. Australian home exteriors need to be made of tough, resilient material that can withstand a wide range of temperatures. This has made COLORBOND® steel a go-to option for many local architects, engineers, and other building professionals and especially for COLORBOND® steel kit sheds.


This is a type of steel produced by the Australian company BlueScope Steel. The process of making this steel was inspired by galvanization, which was popular in England in the 1800s. In 1966, the first COLORBOND® sheets were produced in Kembla, Wollongong. Since then, six million tonnes of this steel have been produced for various industrial purposes.

Why choose this type?

The main reason to use this metal for roofing and other outdoor purposes is that it is made with the Australian climate in mind. This reputed roof service company in Australia Melbourne has something very similar to say in this regard. It has passed stringent testing in different parts of Australia, under different weather conditions, as a way of controlling for quality. Every batch of COLORBOND® rolled out for the public is tested for corrosion, stress, and various applications.

Another reason is some products have insulation properties. COLORBOND® is thermally efficient, shielding your roofs and sheds from drastic highs and lows of temperature. Because this type of steel is baked, it is less likely to crack. This means that aside from withstanding extreme summer heats and winter chills, this still can also stay for hours under the rain and it will not leak.

Finally, COLORBOND® is not limited to use for home roofs. You can also have this for garages, garden sheds, farm sheds, silos, and anything that you must put a shade over and place under the sun. Some variants include solar reflective panels that help keep your home, farm building or garage cool during the summer.

Won’t it be unaesthetic?

A constant concern among people building homes is that durable materials are often boxy, plain and uninspiring. They hesitate to use materials advertised as ‘heavy-duty’ because there are limited options in terms of design. If you are not the type who is okay with compromising aesthetics, this can give you pause.

With COLORBOND®, though, you won’t need to worry. It has more than twenty colour options and has contemporary shades like creams and greys. There are also classics such as reds and greens, for the more traditional homes. You can even combine colours so that your roof complements outdoor fixtures such as gutters and windowpanes.


When you’re looking for roofing solutions for your home or outdoor structure, you can view here to ensure that you have professionals looking at the damage. With them you can ensure that your roof will last through any climate, it will surely stand the test of time (and various extreme weather conditions).

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